Alexis Dwyer: Forest and Prairie


Alexis C. Dwyer

Forest and Prairie, 2015

10″ x 10″


Alexis Dwyer is a printmaker, painter, land artist, and art educator working towards her MFA in Integrated Studio Arts at Iowa State University in Ames.  Her prints have been shown nationally in group, solo, and juried exhibitions, as well as internationally in Hong Kong.  She also participates in collaborative projects and art festivals, and she is the Vice President of the University Print Society at Iowa State University and a member of the Monotype Guild of New England.

Forest and Prairie was created as part of a series of monoprints funded by a Focus: Artist Grant Award through Iowa State University.  By layering imagery, this series explores the major elements of the ecosystem of Iowa, including forest, prairie, water, soil, and urban and agricultural areas.  Alexis writes, “My work is a response to my experiences in the outdoors.  I am struck by the interconnections of all life on this planet.  I work to understand and interpret the energy and life found within an ecosystem with the use of color, shape, and pattern.  I hope to give the viewer a deeper sense of the wonder that can be felt in nature.”


Beta Site Under Construction. Please check back soon for the 1.0 version!


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