Regan Golden: Prairie Reconstruct


Regan Golden

Prairie Reconstruct no. 19, from The Portfolio of Lost Plants, 2014

17” x 11”

Archival inkjet print

Regan Golden is an artist based in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  She earned her BA from Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa and her MFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.  She is an arts writer for Modern Painters and ARTPULSE, the co-founder of Drawn Lots Collaborative, and the Instructor of Drawing and Art Theory at the University of Minnesota and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.  Regan has written several artist books, participated in a dozen artist residencies, and exhibited her work in solo and group shows throughout the country.  She was awarded an Emerging Artist Fellowship at The Jerome Foundation in Minneapolis (2014-15), and she was recently nominated for the Baum Foundation Award for an Emerging American Photographer.

Regan explains that she is “inspired by the scrubby forests and ragged prairies that border subdivisions and railroad tracks.  Since the future of these spaces is uncertain, capturing them at present is crucial.  As an artist, I want to capture the cycle of growth and decay occurring in these small, urban natural spaces.”  Prairie Reconstruct no. 19 is from The Portfolio of Lost Plants, a series that is based, in part, on a small swatch of prairie along Ralston Creek in Iowa City.  Regan created this series by cutting apart her photographs of this site with an X-ACTO knife, and collaging these fragments together by hand.  She then scanned her collages and printed them at the scale of a traditional botanical illustration.  This approach helps her convey “the fragility of the prairie landscape and its gradual disappearance,” and allows her to explore her fascination with “how our sense of images as physical objects is diminishing with the influx of digital media and how this parallels our detachment from natural spaces.”


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