Sandra Dyas: Jesus, Crafted for Your Craving


Sandra Louise Dyas

Jesus, Crafted for Your Craving, Highway 218, near Mount Pleasant, Iowa, 2013

30” x 20”

Color photograph

Sandy Dyas is an Iowa City based artist who uses photography as her main medium and Iowa as her main subject.  She earned her BFA and MFA degrees in Intermedia from the University of Iowa.  She teaches photography, video, and performance art at Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa, and she is working on several ongoing projects, including the collaborative video web series Homegrown Stories and the photo and video project Lost in the Midwest.  Sandy exhibits her photography in group and solo shows throughout the country, as well as in online exhibitions, and her work has been published in The Iowa Review, Vogue, and the New York Times, among other publications.  In 2012 Sandy had a year-long residency at the Englert Theatre in Iowa City, and that same year she started a successful Kickstarter project to fund a solo exhibition and a two-day photography workshop for students at Drake University in Des Moines.  Her work is included in many permanent collections, including the Dubuque Museum of Art, the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, and the Iowa City Public Library.

Sandy writes, “Iowa has always been my home and I feel very connected to this particular landscape.  Our roots play a critical role in shaping who we become.  I am interested in how and why we attach ourselves to place.”  Jesus, Crafted for Your Craving, Highway 218, near Mount Pleasant, Iowa emerged from this exploration of place: “Driving back to Iowa City from Mt. Pleasant on 218, ‘JESUS’ in gigantic letters on a green billboard caught my eye.  A McDonald’s ad below?  For real?  I made a quick exit, parked safely, and walked against the wind toward the signage, semi-trucks flying past me.  For real.”


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