Thomas Jackson:American Slice 31, American Slice 34


Thomas C. Jackson

American Slice 31, 2013

29.2” x 20”

Digital c print


American Slice 34, 2013

29.2” x 20”

Digital c print

Thomas Jackson grew up in Rock Island, Illinois and earned his MFA from the University of Notre Dame.  He now lives and works as a full-time artist in Cedar Rapids.  He has been exhibiting his work in solo, group, and juried shows throughout the country for more than forty years.  Tom’s work is included in dozens of corporate, museum, and college collections throughout Iowa and Illinois, including the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, and Mount Mercy University.

American Slice 31 combines three different photographs taken in or just outside of Cedar Rapids that are connected through the theme of abandonment and destruction: a portion of a parking ramp, a concrete slab at the site of a razed building, and a chair on the side of the road merge together to form one image.  American Slice 34 combines several disparate photographs.  Here we see lipstick impressions, prairie grass, and the Penick and Ford Plant on the bank of the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids.  Tom explains that he combines photographs “because I want enough information to engage the viewer in looking for connections between images.  I invite the viewer to search their own past, remember emotional experiences, and think about common images in a different way.”  For his American Slice series, Tom wanted to “focus on finding the extraordinary in ordinary American life.  I am interested in reflecting the mood and feeling of our era.”


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